Coeur d'Femme

A podcast for elevating the femme perspective in North Idaho

Communication is fluid, not fixed. And where it goes, we won’t always know. But if we learn to trust the transformative energy of dialogue, we can grow more and more comfortable engaging in it - especially through those difficult, but necessary, conversations. 

Welcome to Coeur d’Femme: a podcast for elevating the femme perspective in North Idaho. Brought to you by The Hive CDA, and hosted by Tiana 
Simmons and Melinda Cadwallader. 

Our vision for this podcast is to pass the mic to femme voices in North Idaho in order to present a more accurate and well rounded perspective in a deeply patriarchal town. Because we matter, you matter, and that’s a matter of fact.

So, let's just talk about it. Let's see where the conversation goes.


400 N. 4th St, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

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