The Cadwalladers

Soren - Delia - Adira - Michael - Melinda

Hi. I’m Melinda Cadwallader. In 1997 I began my career in the beauty industry with global industry leaders, Toni and Guy, and Aveda, where I started as salon coordinator and chased ambition all the way to a role of beauty school director. My experience with Inspired Learning curriculum taught me to value and support diverse learning types, creating engaging lesson plans and strengthening communication for coaching on the clinic floor. My work with these experiential learning institutes conceived a vision for The Hive - an eclectic work space for ambitious and creative entrepreneurs. 

Currently, I study Communications at Lewis Clark State College in Coeur d'Alene, I'm mother to three unique humans, and partner to Michael, local Chiropractor at Guardian Health. I have participated in theatre at North Idaho College, written for The Sentinel, host a podcast called Coeur d'Femme, and continue to pursue other endeavors that feed my creative soul, here, at The Hive. 

My daughter Delia lends her artistic eye and creative insights to every curated design, expression and event, offering the community a youthful and expansive perspective of what creatives need to thrive and flourish in this area. If we refuse to listen to those we hope to serve, we miss the opportunity to gain necessary understanding. Delia and I's hope for The Hive, and for each other, is to continue expanding and expounding on the ways to live out a meaningful and creative life. 

My husband, partner, friend and lover, Michael, is your local downtown Chiropractor at Guardian Health, where he serves his profession by making it available and accessible to all. His passion for serving people is not only evident in his public practice of Chiropractic, but also in his personal embodiment, where his daily living represents an alignment with the physical, intellectual, spiritual and relational self. Our family thrives through his leadership and this project would not be possible without his passion for me and his desire to better serve the women in this community.

This is us. 

- Melinda

{Art by: Bre Gotham}


Making Space & Making Headlines


"The Hive is among many female-focused workspaces gaining traction nationwide as women entrepreneurs and freelancers look for an alternative to traditional offices, with resources and training to grow their businesses."

-The Spokesman Review 

"Both Cadwalladers have their hearts in the pulse of the community. They understand the vibrant, entrepreneurial spirit of North Idaho and they want to provide a space where business owners and freelancers, students and retirees, can share ideas, knowledge, and inspiration."

- CDA Press