Melinda Cadwallader

It is evident that not everyone is born into privilege or is offered access to resources. It is clear that not every family embraces diversity or provides keys to opportunity. But within a community of progressive thinkers, creative masterminds and ambitious artists, a path for advancing can be forged in any, and all, directions.

I’m Melinda Cadwallader. Since 1997 I began a career within global beauty industry leaders, Aveda and Toni & Guy. Their commitment to host ongoing skills training, teaching certifications and personal leadership courses, cultivated a passion for lifelong learning and introduced me to what has become one of my oldest, dearest friends: ambition.

With each increase of responsibility offered to me by visionary leaders, brought expansion of opportunity and helped propel me forward both personally and professionally when life as a solo mom brought me to full stops. The opportunities of experiential learning led me to the most fulfilling season of my career: trade school director.

Inspired Learning curriculum taught me to value diverse learning types; Creative content helped me design engaging lessons, and my experience on the clinic floor gifted me to witness the ambitious energy of budding professionals.

My time at career colleges and experiential learning institutes expanded my heart for supporting emerging creatives while refining my sight to untapped potential. This is where the vision for The Hive came from. This is the ember that fuels my fire for making space for human flourishing.

Welcome to The Hive, a space for pursing ambition, for practicing pursuits, for creativity, diversity creative entrepreneurs. It’s time ambition infiltrates the bland landscapes of dead-end jobs, outdated systems and fixed thinking, and help curate more imaginative innovation, flexible, inclusive and flavorful change. 

Idaho is host to incredible views that expand the mind, spur imagination and ignite big dreams, what we are missing is simply more creative launchpads to spring from, more diversified access to resources, and more expansive opportunities for creatives to flourish.

My modern artist friend and daughter, Delia, dreamed up The Hive alongside me. With my experience and leadership, Delia's creative imagination and unwavering style has helped make this space a truly spectacularly curated space.

The Hive is both an eclectic coworking boutique and an inclusive space for hosting dialogue, generating visibility and offering social support for entrepreneurial endeavors.  

In Service,

Melinda Cadwallader

{Art by: Bre Gotham}


Making Space & Making Headlines


"The Hive is among many female-focused workspaces gaining traction nationwide as women entrepreneurs and freelancers look for an alternative to traditional offices, with resources and training to grow their businesses."

-The Spokesman Review 

"Both Cadwalladers have their hearts in the pulse of the community. They understand the vibrant, entrepreneurial spirit of North Idaho and they want to provide a space where business owners and freelancers, students and retirees, can share ideas, knowledge, and inspiration."

- CDA Press


400 N. 4th St, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

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