Queen Bee

Ambition is defined as a "strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work." At The Hive, we believe the energy of ambition to be life-giving, a necessary survival skill and tool for sustainability in an ever-changing landscape of work. As the bee hive is home base for a localized colony, The Hive serves as an inclusive hub for incubating, nurturing, and delivering unique expressions into local, and global, economic ecosystems. 

Our mission, at The Hive, is to take on the maternal responsibility of making space for more diverse and inclusive ways of living, being, and thriving. We value dignity, equality, mutual respect, and independence, and we work to extend these values towards each and every person who enters our space.

I'm Melinda Cadwallader, owner and curator of The Hive, mother of three, parter to one, and full-time student at Lewis-Clark State College. As an ambitious creative, I constantly struggled to find places and spaces that could support and nurture my fullest expression. I've learned that where you plant yourself matters, and that whatever work you do, whatever career path you choose, whatever audacious idea you feel compelled to bring forth, deserves the space to thrive. 

With space for working remotely, space for hosting meetings, space for recording audio, and space for music and physical movement, I invite you to come find your sweet spot, at The Hive.

Melinda Cadwallader

Queen Bee


Making Space & Making Headlines


"Think like a leader," she advises young people, especially women. "Act like your business is a new life you were called to steward; take ownership of your own life and make something out of it, something beautiful, something wild and free from the template created by those who never designed it with women in mind." 

- The Inlander

"The Hive is among many female-focused workspaces gaining traction nationwide as women entrepreneurs and freelancers look for an alternative to traditional offices, with resources and training to grow their businesses."

-The Spokesman Review 

"Both Cadwalladers have their hearts in the pulse of the community. They understand the vibrant, entrepreneurial spirit of North Idaho and they want to provide a space where business owners and freelancers, students and retirees, can share ideas, knowledge, and inspiration."

- CDA Press