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Not everyone is born with access to resources. Not every family embraces diversity. And not every town holds keys to opportunity. But with the right community of progressive thinkers, creative masterminds and ambitious artists - a path can be forged in any direction.

I’m Melinda Cadwallader. Since 1997, my career flourished within global beauty industry leaders, Aveda and Toni & Guy. Their commitment to ongoing skills training, teaching certifications and personal leadership courses cultivated a passion for lifelong learning, introducing me to what has become one of my dearest friends - ambition.

With each increase of responsibility offered to me, came another expansion of opportunity, helping propel me forward both personally and professionally, while my life as a solo mother, filled to the brim with struggles and challenges, often brought me to full stops. Because of these resources extended by corporate giants, I advanced to the role of trade school director, where I discovered the immeasurable magic of experiential learning and entered into the most fulfilling season of my career.

The global influence behind these trade schools introduced me to an inspired learning curriculum designed to reach diverse learning types. The engaging content course creation helped develop lessons even the wildest creative was able to easily consume. And on the clinic floor, I witnessed the ambitious energy of future professionals, each one unique in talent and pursuit - working independently, and collectively, to reach professional goals and advance personal vision.

Working with future professionals not only expanded my heart for supporting emerging creatives, but it also refined a keen eye for untapped potential, and now fuels my fire for making more spaces for the next generation to flourish. That's why I invited my friend, modern artist, and fashion forward daughter, Delia, to join me in this project. Paired with my experience and leadership, Delia's creative imagination and unwavering style helps make this space truly spectacular.

Welcome to The Hive, a space conceived as a house where the practice of pursuit crosses industry lines, making space for ambition to take her own shape and form in the hearts and minds of creative entrepreneurs. It’s time ambition infiltrates the bland landscapes of dead-end jobs, outdated systems and fixed thinking, and help curate more imaginative innovation, flexible, inclusive and flavorful change. 

Idaho is host to incredible views that expand the mind, spur imagination and ignite big dreams, what we are missing is simply more launchpads to spring from, more access to resources, more opportunities for creative endeavors to flourish.

Delia and I dreamed of The Hive as a place where creative coworking meets experiential learning. A hub for connecting and empowering local femmes to work independently, collaborate on projects, connect in real life and invest in herself without distractions of home life, a crowded cafe, or an intrusive male gaze.

The Hive is a niche coworking boutique for all industry professionals, creative entrepreneurs, womxn with a side hustle, students of all trades, or the traveling nomad. We are an inclusive space for hosting dialogue, generating visibility and providing support for exploring markets within this ever-changing landscape, and a safe, fostering environment for embracing possibilities for the future of work.

The Hive is a space is dedicated to the advancement of creative femmes and we cannot wait to see the colorful life she creates. 


Melinda Cadwallader

{Art by: Bre Gotham}


405 Indiana Avenue, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

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