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As a disempowered single mother, living in an environment of domestic abuse and relying on government assistance to make ends meet, Melinda Cadwallader knew there was more to life than this. Little did she know that responding to a newspaper ad for a reception position at a new salon would lead her on a 10 year journey of both personal and professional development. From receptionist, she moved to salon coordinator, and later to licensed specialist and director of education, her response to that ad would afford her the opportunity to be economically independent and surround herself with forward thinking business leaders.

At the peak of her career, while boarding an airplane to travel with the Aveda Institute Denver to help launch a new school location in Arizona, she received a phone call that would change her path, and her life. The news was that her now 10 year old daughter had Cancer. She left the plane that day, and a career in the beauty industry, to become the CEO of her home, the mother that her career had developed and her daughter now needed.

"When facing difficulties, challenges, devastation and life halting experiences, the strength of the mind is what matters most."

Melinda, along with her now 20 year old daughter Delia, conceived The Hive as a community space to house hope and propel ambition.

"Young girls need empowering places to work, launchpads to spring off from. Women need fewer business owners and more business leaders: people invested into the personal and professional development of the human resources they utilize."

Coeur d'alene, Idaho is host to incredible views that expand the mind, spur the imagination and ignite big dreams; but without the right circle of influence, a woman's pathway to achieving her dream becomes steep, narrow and often dead ends.

While Idaho ranks 49th in the Best /Worst states for women's equality, over $3 million is spent annually towards the rescue and rehabilitation of disempowered women. The good news: Idaho is 18th in the nation for growth in the number of women owned businesses, which means women are on the rise to economic independence. Now, we need more space to pursue it.

The Hive is a hub for connecting and empowering women in business, female entrepreneurs, students and local business owners invested in meeting the unique needs of North Idaho women. Half Coworking, half learning annex, The Hive will host workshops that support personal and professional development across a wide range of topics and industries.

Located on the corner of 4th and Indiana Ave in downtown Coeur d'alene, The Hive boasts over 3400 Sq feet of repurposed space with an aesthetic planned by modern women. From comfortable coworkering designed with luminous color, bright, sun-lit spaces full of modern furniture and lush plants; to privacy booths, a conference room and events space with modern art and creative design ; and complete with a powder room including a shower and make-up stations stocked with products from local beauty professionals; The Hive is a place to work independently, collaborate on projects, connect in real life and invest in yourself.

Coeur d'alene is a community that supports entrepreneurship and economic independence, there is no real reason women should have to go into deep debt or offer equity in exchange for support or pursue a dream in isolation. This campaign to "Pollinate The Hive" will generate the funds necessary for building out the space in ways women want.

The Hive is for all industry professionals, female entrepreneurs, women with a passion project, ministry or side hussle. This space is dedicated to advancement of all kinds. We are asking our community to financially support The Hive and actively engage in building this space for propelling women forward.


405 Indiana Avenue, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

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