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Invest in Women-Owned Businesses

At THE HIVE, we believe a thriving local economy requires diverse collaboration, where there is space for everyone, and a place for all to contribute.   

Currently, Idaho is ranked 49th in the "Best and Worst States for Women's Equality", however, Idaho is also positioned 18th in the nation for growth in the number of female-owned business. This means the opportunity to invest in, support, and show community-wide engagement to women-owned businesses has never been greater. 

Partnering with THE HIVE is partnering with an incubator for the development and advancement of women, and the next small business owner in North Idaho. Offering a workshop, sponsoring memberships, providing financial backing, or contributing to the needs of the organization, are all ways the local community can partner with The Hive. 

Email us at to find out ways to partner with us! 


400 N. 4th St, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

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