It keeps The Hive thriving.

The Hive is a private, members-only workspace. Our doors are closed to the general public with bookable tours and membership inquiry offered on our bookings tab.

Membership to The Hive offers 24/7 door access, unlimited room bookings, and workshop hosting privileges. Non-members can choose to drop-in for a one-time day use, reserve the podcasting room, conference room, or rent the venue, at public reservations rates. 


Find Your Sweet Spot

  • All Inclusive

    Hive Membership

    Every month
    24/7 access
    Valid for 12 months
    • Private Door Code
    • Complimentary Room Reservations
    • Workshop Hosting & Planning Assistance
    • Complimentary Coffee, Tea & Printer Use
    • $150/hr Venue Rental
  • Student Coworking

    Every month
    24/7 Access
    Valid for 12 months
    • Private Door Code
    • Flex Desks and Cafe Workspace
    • Complimentary Coffee, Tea & Printer Use
    • $50/hr Room Reservations
    • $150/hr Venue Rental
  • Community Member

    Per Person/ Per Day
    • Flex Desks and Cafe Coworking
    • 9AM - 5PM Monday - Friday
    • Complimentary Coffee and Tea
    • $50/hr Room Reservations
    • $300/hr Venue Rental
  • Nonprofit Membership

    Every month
    Hive Membership for up to 3 individuals
    Valid for 12 months
    • Annual Membership

      1 Month Free with one-time payment


      Welcome to The Hive

      The Hive is an eclectic studio for ambitious pursuits, a creative workspace for entrepreneurs, she is a study spot for students, and a venue for emerging poets, artists and musicians. The Hive is a studio for podcasters, performers and instructors, a pop-up shop for makers and creators, and she is a nurturing launchpad where passion projects and grassroots movements can show up and get off the ground.

      Whether you are a crafter, maker, a retail or service provider not quite ready for a store front, membership to The Hive gives you a bright, cheery space to work out of that isn’t your kitchen counter, a cubicle or overcrowded coffee shop. We host a variety of window seating, multifunctional workstations, and quiet conversation nooks, offering flexibility and freedom in support of a DIY work-home-life balance.

      Members who utilize The Hive to its full advantage:

      • Park street side or utilize the parking garage located one block away.

      • Stash a snack in the fridge, brew some tea or Bee Kind coffee, or cross the street and grab a wellness bar.

      • Choose a one-of-a-kind mood spot, log on to Wifi, and get down to business.

      • Schedule current and potential clients for personal consultations in a privacy nook.

      • Host team huddles, collaborative sessions, or board meetings in the conference room.

      • Set up workshops or classes in our open creative space.

      • Create web content utilizing golden-hour natural lighting, creative backdrops and photography resources located throughout the building.

      • Interview guests and produce an industry related podcast for an added community connection.

      • Participate in regularly scheduled monthly pop-ups and create a calendar for customers and followers to connect face-to-face.

      • Host a private or public business event.

      • Participate in monthly public community events for relaxed, “un-networking”, human connection.

      • Take frequent breaks throughout your day and visit wonderful shops, food, and drink spots downtown Coeur d’Alene has to offer.