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If you don't already know - THE HIVE is more than just a coworking space, it is designed to be a hub for the personal and professional development of community members. In the 70s, a center with a similar mission of human empowerment was called a Learning Annex, where classes and workshops were taught by innovative residents, accomplished individuals, and compassionate professionals within a localized area. Anyone with a passion to share knowledge and experience with their fellow neighbor, was invited to teach.

Here in Coeur d'Alene, we possess a wealth of informed individuals, creative changemakers, and business owners who are succeeding on their own terms and eager to be a resource to this community. This diverse and eclectic mix of human resources, can strengthen a sense of community and open greater pathways for a local ecosystem to flourish.

Programming at THE HIVE is designed to help balance the whole person by identifying six aspects of human development, and provide workshops, resources, and mentorship, for members to expand potential.


Helping members discover pleasure in moving the body and creating practices of self-awareness in: nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, care and grooming.


Flexing the minds muscle with knowledge and education. Fostering a culture of lifelong learning and healthy curiosity.


Practicing the art of relating to others, celebrating diversity, and honoring one another’s journey. Helping members to find comfort in their own skin, engaging with others and the world.


Finding meaning and purpose in life by embracing the metaphysical, while learning about and respecting differing beliefs.


Becoming more in tune with individual emotional presence and learning practices that strengthen self-awareness. Practicing healthy expressions of emotion and learning to honor the expressions of others.


Getting comfortable with understanding sexual needs and desires, setting intentions on caring for and carrying out reproductive health and wellness, and exploring sexuality from a responsible and empowered state.

Regardless of your age, education, background, or experience, there will be something for everyone at THE HIVE. So, to better curate our calendar, we need to hear from YOU! Stay on the lookout for our next email update where we will invite you to participate in a short survey about classes that would interest you to both attend, or teach! Don't worry if you've never taught a workshop before, we'll host a short, interactive workshop facilitation class to set you up for success.

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The more diverse feedback we get, the better! So, share this post with friends and colleagues, talk amongst yourselves, and be ready to voice your input in helping curate your HIVE. We are so excited to see who's waiting in the wings to challenge themselves, get curious, and collaborate for economic independence!


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