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Blessed be the fruit. May the Lord open.

This isn't a handmaids tale any longer, friends. WE ARE OFFICIALLY OPENING.

March 1st we will open our doors to Founding Members and their guests. To be clear:

The Hive is a private membership cowork space for femmes. Each member will have a unique code granting access to the space and all it's amenities. Photography corner, media room, private nooks and conference room are reservable at no cost for members on a first come, first served, basis. Because our space will be protected, secured and safe for 24/7 access, tours for potential future members will be held at set days and times in February, so keep on the lookout for announcements. If you are not already subscribed to our email newsletter (this thing you are reading right now), I recommend you do so, as all the happenings for February leading up to our opening date March 1st will come through here.

It's also time to remind everyone that our special rate of $99/month for all inclusive coworking, creative designing, and digital frolicking within the space ends March 1st. Founding members who have signed up prior to March 1st will be invited to continue their membership at the Founding Member rate of $99/month while general lifestyle membership will be open and available at $129/month. Other memberships will also be available at that time, as seen in the graphic below.

Sometimes it gets difficult to talk about The Hive, as it has been a passion project of mine since directing at Aveda Institute in Denver, 11 years ago. As a creative visionary, the language used when I share about this project can sometimes be confusing, as I often fluctuate between three levels of altitude:

  • Ground Level: Coworking space with access to Wifi and a variety of creative design spaces

  • 20,000 ft: Events, workshops, podcasting and publishing

  • 40,000 ft: Empowerment opportunities for femmes for a healthier, more diverse community

For whatever level you see yourself participating at The Hive, for any questions you may have, and for whatever visions you hold for yourself, or our local community, that you believe The Hive can help support you in - we hope to hear from you.


Melinda Cadwallader

Image: Bre Gotham

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