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“Communication is key".

We hear this phrase often. This is a concept most properly functioning humans understand. It is common knowledge. How do we work things out? First, just talk about it! If we are so sure of the necessity for communication, why is it so damn hard to practice and implement in our valued relationships?

Connection drives humanity; the desire to relate to someone outside ourself is an essential human need. Whether that connection be to others, through relationships, community, spirituality, sports, politics, nature, etc, or with ourselves, we all - at some time or another - seek expansion.

Ego can get in the way of our communication, prompting a retreat in fear or the licking of a wound after argument. Pain can debilitate a willingness to listen and work through issues to find resolve. Pride can stunt an interest to learn how to disagree and remain in connection.

We know communication is key to keeping the door of our heart and mind unlocked and open for connection; we know it's easier said than done. But, we must also know, and truly believe, that connection is attainable and achievable. It's just laborious. And it's just remaining hopeful.

Women know something about labor. We know this shit is gonna hurt, we know sometimes we just don't feel "ready" but too bad, so sad, on with the show. We know there's a chance things could go horribly wrong along the way - that one of us might not come out alive - and we also know that we could be holding something new, some treasure, while feeling damn proud of the work we have done to bring it forth. We know insurmountable fear, we know insane pain, yet we continue to practice the art of moving forward in the process.

We must remember this when faced with the challenges of communication. Listening through pain is possible. Seeking to understand while sitting in pride is possible. The next step reveals itself after you've taken the first. Expanding and strengthening connection is not free, and it often costs us something we are not willing to let go of.

Image: Efflorescence Photography

If you’ve spent some time here as a femme in North Idaho, no doubt you've witnessed the hazardous cocktail of binary thinking (right/wrong, this/that, either/or) and poor communication. Maybe you've noticed the increase of disagreements with a decrease in desire to talk carefully about it to protect connection. North Idaho is absolutely capable of being a gracious host to all walks of life, and we hope to help elevate and strengthen crucial conversations to reveal who we really are as a community. We must practice talking through the issues we are most divided on. It's the only way forward. It is the key.

With that, we are thrilled to announce the creation of a new platform, a fresh opportunity for the femme perspective to speak and be heard. It is our honor to host The Hive's new podcast:

Published by Speak Studios Coeur d'Alene, hosted by Tiana Simmons and Melinda Cadwallader.

Let’s just talk about it.

Communication is fluid, not fixed. And where it goes, we won’t always know. But if we learn to trust the transformative energy of dialogue, we can grow more and more comfortable engaging in it - especially through those difficult, but necessary, conversations. Our vision for this podcast is to pass the mic to femme voices in North Idaho in order to present a more accurate and well rounded perspective in a deeply patriarchal town. Because we matter, you matter, and that’s a matter of fact.

Image: Efflorescence Photography

Topics will include: sex, religion, politics, intimacy, education, trauma, inequality, cancerous behaviors and the work of unlearning dysfunction. You know, all the issues you were told not to talk about. We believe in discussing issues, not people, and will remain clear with how we share experiences. Our stories are valid and deserve to be heard, but it's behaviors, not specific people or their businesses, that we will address and speak on.

This venture started in the heart and made its way out early fall 2020. Knowing NOTHING about podcasting, here we are, tinkering away at our ambitious pursuit, telling 2020 to suck it and blazing a trail for exposing the incredible opportunities of communication. Special thanks to Speak Studios for all the encouragement, support and technical education (we still have a long way to go - please be kind! LOL). And a huge thank you to Keilly of Efflorescence Photography who took our photos, as well as Madison of MDSN Design for our badass logo.

We are eager to connect with you and share the backbone of Coeur d’ Alene, the hearts and voices of womxn. You can find us on Spotify and on Instagram at @Coeur_dfemme. Are you ready to talk about it? We’re listening. Reach out if you have a topic or issue to discuss. Send us a message on Instagram or email us at hello@thehivecda.com.

Let's just talk about it. Let's see where it goes.


Tiana & Melinda

Image: Efflorescence Photography

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