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CoWorking isn't just cute. It's smart. Here's why.

Updated: Nov 10

Collaboration. Innovation. Synergy. Fellowship.

Kitschy buzzwords dancing around the concept of coworking spaces have helped create a buzz of curiosity and interest. But what does it all really mean when it comes to doing work? What is the true value of coworking, and why are we seeing these nooks and spaces popping up in cities across the globe?

The future of work continues to propel forward. We see the landscape of work spaces evolve. We scroll past listings of grey cubicles offered up for free on Craigslist. Hours of operations ebb and flow with the times, and an era of "dead-end" jobs is coming to...well...its end. Except, it's not jobs that are changing, humans are simply evolving.

As a community evolves, a more diverse workplace is necessary. This diversity is what fuels innovation, and innovation is what transforms the way business is conducted, how it operates, and methods of delivery across entire industries.

Enter coworking: a neutral ground for diverse groups to collaborate on projects, develop new concepts, and help design the products and services that meet the needs of a more modern, inclusive market. All this, without the distractions of fixed office dynamics, cultures of hierarchy, or monotony of day-to-day operations.

Coworking has shown to increase productivity in communities that host "future thinking" teams and business. Often, in a stagnant environment, teams and individuals find it easy to become stuck in how things have always been done. In open, and aesthetically pleasing workspaces, people easily find inspiration and welcome collaboration, opening up new channels for thought processes, brainstorming, and business development. Even the "dead-end" job, when evaluated by a collaborative coworking group, can transform into an open-ended opportunity.

Coeur d'Alene is host to a wide variety of creators, makers, tech innovators, and education campuses, establishing the area as a hub for entrepreneurs of all kinds. What better resource, for a city bustling with development and vicissitude, than a creatively designed space devoted to the incubation and acceleration of economic endeavors of ALL its community members.

Welcome to The Hive. A hub for personal and professional advancement. Designed by women, created for everyone.

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