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Flexible Feline: Jenny Wiglesworth

Staying flexible during this interesting season has become an essential quality for survival - in maintaining health in business as well as personal well being. Jenny Wiglesworth, former owner of the BarreU fitness studio in CDA, shares her insight from having to make some difficult choices. Jenny reminds us we have the right, and the privilege, to reset our life to meet current and more long term purposes.

Reset With Purpose

These past few months have been surreal, to say the least. In March, I don’t think I could have ever told my future self what my life journey would look like right now. I’ve personally experienced loss, heartache, and misdirection. I’ve also experienced hope, opportunity and a chance to reset my life.

Many have heard that after 5 years of business, I had to close my BarreU studio. This decision not only affected me and my family, but also my employees, clients and the community. It was not done lightly, and I have wrestled within on whether I made the right decision in the long run. I believe we did, but mentally walking through the journey can be challenging, at times. I am so proud of what BarreU did bring to so many people, and it is in that belief that I rest. It is in the hope that wherever and however one found BarreU, that during those moments it somehow made a difference in their lives.

The wonderful thing about a journey is it continues. From this place of mourning, something great is emerging. My sister and I, long time followers of personality studies, have launched a new business called the EnneaSisters. It is based on the foundation of helping people discover their true selves. We use the enneagram as a tool to get people to start understanding who they innately are and in turn how they naturally relate to others. We hope to give perspective and teach people how to grow into their best, healthiest selves. (Check it out at www.enneasisters.com)

In these uncertain times the journey may look really long. Loneliness and depression have grown rampant. I always loved that quote, “The only thing greater than fear is hope”. It’s true, isn’t it? Fear is something created in the mind, but hope comes from the heart. The power of hope – in humankind, in our community, in our best selves – is what will get us through this, help us rise above this and empower those around us.

It’s easy to give up, but I didn’t give up on what matters. What matters was never the actually studio, but the purpose behind it. Why did I launch BarreU? I launched it to empower individuals to feel stronger from the inside to the outside. I am still empowered by that – empowering others to believe in themselves when they no longer do. It is this belief in others and passion for people that matters to me. It is this that continues on in me, no matter what I do. Perspective. Instead of seeing BarreU closing as a failed mission, I believe it to be a pivotal point in the endless possibilities of my life’s journey.

We all have a journey to walk on. Will you open your eyes to truth, to possibility? Will you be more inclusive, empowering your community? Now, more than ever, what you do matters. What you say matters.

Even though it would have been easy for me to become depressed and shut people out of my life during this loss in my journey, I chose to reset with purpose. I continue to express my passion and do what matters to me – empowering others to believe in themselves and find their truth. I believe that through this reset EnneaSisters can be an even more powerful tool to reaching people than BarreU was. And for that, I am thankful.

Hi. I’m Jenny Wiglesworth, former owner of the studio - BarreU and current owner of BarreU online & co-owner of EnneaSisters. I’m a wife to my best friend, mom to two wonderful kiddos, May and Xavier and a loyal friend to this community. For those if you who don’t know, EnneaSisters is all about discovering your inner truth. We do this through a psychological based quiz, coursework and team training. We also have a fun event coming up in September. To find out more check out www.enneasisters.com

How are you staying flexible during these times? Care to share what's been working for you? Email us at hello@thehivecda.com ATTN: flexible. We would love to hear from you!

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