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Fresh Face, New Space: Megan Beach of Muse + Maven Boutique

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Muse Maven recently celebrated their ONE YEAR anniversary of being a local online shopping experience. Woo Hoo! Megan has a serious eye for fashion, and her powerful presence is something worth snapping about, so I invited her to share what life has been like, as a first year business owner in the midst of a pandemic.


Like many women, I found myself always purchasing my clothing online because I am busy and don’t have time to go shopping. I often found that trendy and unique styles I gravitated towards weren’t available locally. I felt our lovely lake-town could use more fresh, fashion-forward styles and the option, for women who appreciate fashion, to shop locally. So, with research, meditation and planning for where I wanted Muse + Maven to go, I felt it was a crucial time to enter the social media | internet space of retail.

This past year has been equally exciting and uncertain. Building a business from the ground up is so rewarding, but at times stressful. I was so determined to do it myself and had a clear vision that I wanted to execute perfectly. Perfectionism, it can be your best friend or worst enemy. Where are my perfectionists at?! After months of building my website, researching SEO, social media and marketing ideas, and building my brand and niche, I launched Muse + Maven Boutique August 2019.

I was humbled and grateful from the support from local women, I had a successful launch. About 6 months after launching Muse + Maven Boutique, the world experienced a pandemic which changed all of our lives in many ways. For small business owners and parents, like myself, we suddenly had to make changes to our routine to accommodate this drastic change. As a mother, wife, and small business owner I suddenly realized I had to put even more effort into making my business thrive - as my time was now spread thin. This challenge was a blessing in disguise.

I suddenly had to pivot and become even more organized and forward-thinking to ensure my household and business didn’t suffer. Humans were suffering; everyone was quarantined and feeling a lack of connection. As I was running one morning, and listening to a podcast, I heard a quote - “Humans were created to connect.” It suddenly came to me that as women we rely on our tribe of women and how all I wanted was to connect with my girls. I came up with the idea of Bestie Bags, a customizable gift of retail + Mini Champagne Bottle or Beverage of Choice, that you could send to a friend, sister, co-worker, or mother. 

Women loved this idea, and I was getting so many orders daily it was hard to keep up! I was delivering bags all over town with my kids in tow at times. During that time, it was one of my most profitable months of business. It was a proud moment for me as a new business owner to have faced a challenge during a time of uncertainty with a little creative thinking. The most rewarding part for me was bringing a little joy to women during a difficult time. It truly is a beautiful representation of how sometimes we have to pivot in life or business, and it’s possible to be successful even in the most uncertain times.

Muse + Maven Boutique recently celebrated 1 year in business and I couldn’t be more proud and happy for this accomplishment. I’m so grateful for the lessons along the way. If I could give any advice to new business owners, it would be to have a clear vision and be authentic to yourself and your dream. Now more than ever, people crave authenticity, and to feel a connection with others. Put in the extra hours and dedication because it will pay off in the long run. Connect with local small businesses and support each other along the way. You will appreciate the sense of community and advice when you need it! Most importantly, face challenges head on and don’t see failures as a reason to quit. You can always pivot and find another way. You might surprise yourself at what a bad-ass, resilient, Boss Babe you can be!

Lastly, one of my favorite quotes:

"Life isn’t going to go your way, you have to go your way and take life with you."

Megan Beach

I have lived in Coeur d’ Alene most of my life. I am a wife and mother of two. Family is everything to me. I love adventure and traveling, the outdoors, fitness and of course Fashion. I hope to someday have a successful brand that is a blend of fashion, beauty and fitness. My goal is to be a source of positivity, encourage and inspire others in some way and be of service anyway I can in this world.

Muse + Maven Boutique

E: museandmavenboutique@gmail.com IG: @musemavenboutique FB: @shopmuseandmaven


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