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Fresh Face: Tiana Simmons

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

In case you haven't already figured it out, The Hive is so much more than a coworking space for femmes. We are a hub for social dialogues, a nook for personal and professional development, a house for ambition and a launchpad for emerging creatives. One of our current pursuits is learning how to host a podcast. At first, the podcast was going to start up after we opened, however, since "plans" seem to have meant nothing to 2020 (RUDE!), apparently the time is NOW. And just when I began dreaming about what this next platform of The Hive could do for local femmes, I received a message from a beautiful soul asking about none other than: podcasting.

Enter Tiana. We met up for martinis, and while I was immediately captivated by her effortless beauty and warm demeanor - her presence and her words brought the light I needed to see clearly that we were supposed to do this together. And so, it has begun.

Now, we are in no way, shape or form, ready to launch our adorable name or provocative (ohhh yeah) episodes, as we are still learning and continuing to practice the art of it all, but we simply cannot wait to open the floor and pass the mic so "her" can be heard. So, without further ado, here is my friend, and The Hive's first podcast host, Tiana:

Melinda: Introductions, please!

Tiana: My name is Tiana Ashley Simmons. I was told, growing up that the word Tiana translated to “the bloom of a flower,” or “beautiful flower,” in Hawaiian.

My mother’s family has strong roots on Maui, but I consider Coeur d’ Alene to be my hometown. I’ve lived all over the states throughout my travels and I’ve seen a lot of beautiful places, but this town has been home to more versions of me than any other, I suppose. Coeur d’ Alene has my mark on it. My parents met at The Iron Horse. My first kiss was at Sanders Beach. My history, Her Story, is here.

M: What do you love most about our gorgeous lake town, your sweet hometown, Coeur d'Alene?

T: Coeur d’ Alene is a work of art, in its entirety. Anywhere you go, there is something beautiful to witness, whether it’s a vibrant, moody sunrise over mountains that surround you, showing you colors you never knew existed, or all the common, human kindness I so regularly receive from passing strangers that you’d be shocked to find in any big city. It’s impossible to not find something breathtaking here, as long as you’re looking for it.

M: With all this beauty, what would you say is an opportunity for change in this area?

T: I believe, that the one thing this town needs most, is real growth and real perspective from the real people that live here. I think this town, actually I KNOW that Coeur d’ Alene is really, really good at hiding and downplaying events and even people that may give a black eye to this “perfect, safe, little lake town.” A majority of this town is scared of change, scared of different. This town deserves a platform to elevate the voices and experiences of people who can prove that change and acceptance of what may seem uncomfortable and unconventional now, may just be the best thing for the strength of Coeur d’ Alene’s truly diverse community.

M: Tell us what kind of music you are listening to right now.

T: My go-to will always be the oldies. Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, John Denver, Marvin Gaye, Billy Joel…. I could write you a list longer than your left leg. But my more modern tastes depend on my ever-changing mood. I could go from funky r+b, like Ama Lou, Sza, and Anderson Paak, to rap like Mac Miller, Tyler the Creator and yes…. Lil Wayne is definitely my guilty pleasure. There will also, always, be a huge part of me that deeply resonates with some good singer/songwriter, alternative folk music like Shaky Graves, Alabama Shakes, Alt J, or Hozier. Music is so important to me. These artists have carried me through some of the most important, transitional periods of my life.

M: Any good books you're reading?

T: Currently, I’m rereading (for the third time) Learning to Love: And The Power of Sacred Sexual Spiritual Partnerships by Victoria L. White and Shalom Melchizedek. This book is a short and easy read. I get something new from it every time I read it. It so effortlessly lays the foundation for the purpose of the relationship and how the love you have for yourself first, translates into how you love others who you intertwine with, intimately and spiritually, or in any other fashion.

M: Oh, yeah, that's so good! Love starts from the inside and moves outward! You just can't fake it! Ok, so let's shift to what I call the "One Word", where I give you a term of human development, and you say the first word that comes to mind. Ready?

T: Yes!

M: Spirituality:

T: Evolving.

M: Relationships:

T: Empowering.

M: Emotions/Feelings:

T: Fuel.

M: Education:

T: Limitless.

M: Physical wellness:

T: Mirrored.

M: Sexuality:

T: Curious.

M: What "good" are you most certain will come about from hosting this podcast?

T: I believe the podcast will highlight and uplift so many beautiful, and powerful perspectives from people who have felt like they didn’t or even couldn’t have a voice. This platform is going to show this town how diverse and colorful it’s guts really are by revealing and broadcasting healthy, and transformative conversations, conflicting and exciting experiences, an example of how all our differences can coexist, and even flourish, if we remain curious and kind.

Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming podcast launch! With our media room being prepped for productions of all kinds, what could YOU like to create? Start a conversation with us at hello@thehivecda.com. ATTN: Podcast. Who do you want to hear from? What topics or issues would you like to talk about? We can't wait to hear from you!

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