Girls just wanna have funds.

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

It was only 100 years ago that women were denied entrance to University and denied the right to vote. We've come a long way, baby, but we didn't come this far to only come this far.

Today, more and more women are pursuing education, raising children, purchasing homes, and opening businesses, and we’re doing it on our own. With all this independence and (proven) responsibility, wouldn’t it be fair to assume that much opportunity has followed? Mmm, not exactly.

According to a recent impact report, published by business accelerator powerhouse, Alice, women business owners receive just 2% of venture capital while the average loan size for women in business has simultaneously decreased. So, while the responsibility levels of women continue to show themselves in increase, the opportunituse for women to open, grow, or scale a business, remains limited.

As a women, yes, of course this is frustrating, but this does not mean we will not (once again) find a way to succeed. All these stats just mean the ways in which women design, build, and develop their businesses, will change, and we will continue to do things differently, more creatively, per usual, while also supporting each other along the way.

So how does a determined, persistent woman, brimming with skills, talents, and a unique business idea, open her business and pursue economic independence? And what if she has no venture capital, no small business loan tucked into the fanny pack of debt sitting around her waist, or no rich uncle Steve and no family legacy fund to draw from?

These facts that appear to stack against her, only present opportunities. An opportunity for women to reevaluate the path they will take to achieve their goals, and an opportunity for the local community to examine how they will support women within their local ecosystem.

The Hive is committed to offering the space and programs that fit the modern business needs of women while also supporting innovative, niche markets. We are committed to hosting a space where women can find empowering education, and a network for advocacy.

We want women to believe they can achieve all their heart desires without going into debt or sacrificing values to get there. We believe it's time for women to start asking for half-and-half instead of 2%. And we want to go first.

This week, The Hive will extend an invitation to the women who have subscribed to our mailing list, those women who have been cheering us on the loudest, to say YES to The Hive, YES to advancing the project, and YES to investing in themselves.

For this private invitation, special membership rates will apply, because it’s not enough that we know that the women in our area deserve this space, we want to partner with other women who know it, too.


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