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Tarot reading: The Queen Of Wands

To keep this introduction short, it’s been a very trying year. Our lives have been practically flipped upside down, and as we roll into a new year a sense of reassurance feels cast upon the land.

We made it.

Now, where do we go from here?

This month I was meditating with “Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts” by Funkadelic playing in the background. If you’re like me, and insist on listening to music instead of pure silence, I highly recommend this song. It brought me to center and conjured a genuine calmness in the room. As I shuffled the deck, my intentions were directed towards The Hive and what spirit wished to share about her. Within seconds, The Queen Of Wands appeared.

Her energy is focused on being a leader of her visions coming to life with her creativity and focus. She’s a reminder that we as growing evolving humans deserve to live out our own goals and aspirations, with the courageous strength within every one of us to obtain those dreams.

It’s important to stay optimistic during this time because challenges will follow, as they do. But a friendly reminder to all of those who feel defeated once obstacles occur - they occur to build us up stronger than we originally were.

You want to be the best you can for yourself, right?

You have all the power to do so.

There will be an opportunity to be a social butterfly, to create a community of like-minded people, and this will be apparent when The Hive opens because reaching out and putting the word out there will be vital. A chance to gather with warm, charming, creative souls will be the outcome when you speak up about The Hive in Coeur d’Alene. This is no time to stay timid to the desires burning within because at this moment all deserve to live out any dream cast away by fear. You are in charge of what is to come to your life; if a passion project keeps poking at you - this is the time to start. If there are insecurities or memories from the past holding you back, this is the moment to let it go, or bring it to the light, because hiding them away will only cause you to suffer longer. Setting yourself free will invite closer bonds to those with whom you wish to connect more to.

As The Hive completes her final steps before opening, take a moment to listen to what you need from yourself. All is available to you. With determination and self-assurance, your next step is to step out and show the world what you have to offer. The Queen Of Wands is most appropriate if we are speaking about The Hive. She brings creative, like-minded, souls together and we thrive when living out from the magical experiences created

from the work of our hands. The Queen of Wands is a sign: with our potential and with the encouragement of others, anything we wish to develop will come to pass. Be ready and open for opportunities coming soon.

Hi, I'm Cassie Hudson, Coeur d'Alene local and daughter to the late Todd Hudson of the famous Hudson Burgers. After my dad passed away, I became drawn to astrology, lunar cycles and understanding manifestation. I love to be indulged in art and in my free time spend hours painting, writing and finding new ways to expand my artistic horizons.

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