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Goddess Guide: Full Moon Feels with Cassie Hudson

Full Moon

In this time of being within, the Full Moon brings a healing sense of reconnection to oneself. To make the night even more special here’s some self-love healing to practice if you want to spend the night with the Moon :

1. Create a sacred space

  • ~Tidy up any leftover messes lying around the house. We all have them, the Moon's presence can be a friendly reminder to take care of your temple.

  • ~Light ALL the candles, but please be mindful and watch for curtains. Defuse that one essential oil that reminds you of home, my personal favorites at the moment would have to be On Guard or Thieves.

  • ~Lay out your stones / crystals (leaving them in the Moon’s ray will cleanse them as well.)

  • ~Burn some sage if you have some in your space. If not our local Pilgrim’s Market and The Long Ear can provide the supply.

2. Gratitude / Manifestation

This is a night to recognize what has been accomplished so far in your path, especially in these moments of a slow steady pace, regardless a lot is still being done. As the Moon rises, She shows us we are continuously striving for our desires and in one way or another those desires become reality.

Sit down with your favorite tool for writing; journal, laptop, random piece of paper or the notes app from your phone. Write as many many valuable aspects to your life that blossom gratitude in your heart. Allow yourself to sit in this moment of serenity, the moments that create a heavenly reality to you, are the moments meant to be appreciated. Feel the love from the Mother Moon and the valuable life you created before your eyes. With the encouragement and support of those on your page of gratitude.

Manifestation is the next best activity to enjoy during the glorious Full Moon. Writing down what you wish to bring into your life is always encouraging. May that be a new job, different living situation, some courage to speak up for what your values are or to better your circumstances so your life may be rich with abundance. Understanding what you’re asking for is to only bring light to your life. Never demand, simply receive what truly belongs to you.

Vision boards bring an extra flare to your manifestation journey, printing pictures of scenes that gravitate towards your manifests bring a visual sense of the manifestation. To see a photograph everyday or a phrase will increase the chances of a wish becoming reality.

3. Meditate

When the word meditation is brought up some leap for joy, knowing the chance to truly be with nothing else but self is indescribably euphoric. A simple intentional breath for about 10-15 minutes will make you feel like a new human. If silence is a problem Youtube or Spotify offer an assortment of meditation playlists. It is physically impossible to not think, but the trick is to allow the thoughts to come and dismiss themselves. This is your moment of wholeness and with practice this will become a lot easier.

Meditation isn't for everyone though, so a creative substitute if you're interested is art. Allow your hands to move without too much thought and just create a masterpiece without any judgement. Appreciate the final product, that work of art was created from your inner thoughts and embodied onto a canvas.

4. Release

Let go of the rest of the leftover built up emotions created from this past month. Blast your favorite music and dance as freely as you can. No one is watching! I swear!

Our Mother Moon rinses us all in this night of celebration. Reminding us of the youthful joy hidden within each and everyone of us, let go and release what is holding you back from a full life of happiness.

New moon

A new lunar cycle will begin and my friends, the time has come to begin achieving the next best thing for yourself. During the New Moon this is the time to begin projects, new relationships or careers, work towards new goals or unfinished goals, and simply just level up in whichever way you are feeling needs a little tune-up.

With the New Moon, She is not out and rarely to never do we get to physically see her in the New Moon phase. This is the moment of rest and isolation. To be as real as you can with yourself. Get familiar with the concept new, this night could be a very significant night for anyone who’s been looking for a sign for change.

Alongside the emotional aspect of the New Moon, manifestation is equally as valuable tonight. What is not worth staying a part of your path could transform into something more suited for your needs. Write down exactly what you are wishing to bring into your life, how it will benefit your life and how you will give back after gaining the benefits. Read aloud the written manifestation daily, and the key factor is to truly believe. Believing in what you’re asking for is not only to gain success for your best interests, but also for everyone around you. You have all the confidence in the world to obtain this goal.

We all deserve a night to just rest and give ourselves attention. This night is that night friends, and Mother Moon strongly agrees. Whichever way that looks to you, make your night about you and spoil yourself! You deserve it!


Hi, I'm Cassie Hudson, Coeur d'Alene local and daughter to the late Todd Hudson of the famous Hudson Burgers. After my dad passed away, I became drawn to astrology, lunar cycles and understanding manifestation. I love to be indulged in art and in my free time spend hours painting, writing and finding new ways to expand my artistic horizons.

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