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Updated: Nov 10

Diseases breed, and parasites feed, in stagnant waters, while moving water offers continuous refreshment and life-giving properties.

The same reflects within a community.

When we are stagnant, not learning or growing, the resource vultures start circling above; when we are not moving and changing, the energy parasites search to attach themselves. When we find ourselves getting comfortable with what we know so far, we become a choice meal for ignorance and a feast for discrimination.

A thriving community hosts a variety of spaces for people to learn. Places where thinking is freely challenged, questions are eagerly anticipated, and new skills can be picked up or purchased, compliments of those most familiar with the art of flourishing.

The Hive is designed to be a space where community members who have something to share are connected with those who are eager to learn. These days, learning can be as formal, or as informal, as we choose to make it. Whether you were raised in a home where university was expected, or trade school was in the family lineage, or simply graduating from high school and finding a steady job was viewed as the ultimate success, a community that hosts diverse ways to learn and grow, is a fresh-water community. It is in this beauty of diversity that we can identify, and create, unlimited opportunities for all people to grow, regardless of upbringing, demographic, or socioeconomic status.

Coeur d'Alene is fortunate enough to host formal education campuses, career and vocational colleges, and workforce training sites. But, the most valuable pillars of resources we possess are not buildings or businesses, they are the people within this community who have learned something in an ambitious endeavor or a purposeful pursuit. People who want to give back to their community with not just their time and resources, but also in teaching a skill, or passing along helpful information.

As The Hive has continued to evolve, more and more women are standing up to offer something of value to our community, and we want to give them the space, and the platform, to do so. Teachers, coaches, business professionals and full-time mothers, have all expressed one commonality: a desire to share knowledge and information for the empowerment of others.

Help us build The HIve. Become a sponsor or community member today and help make this space possible.

Let's stay fresh, together.

Melinda Cadwallader

Flounder, The Hive

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