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A virtual look book of The Hive's collaborative photoshoot.

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Editing By: Ashley Mata

Photography By: Tyler Hawotte

Photography and Editing By: Efflorescence Photography

Photography by: Kaity Widmeyer

Editing By: Delia Cadwallader

Photography By: Tyler Hawotte

This photoshoot started as an idea of incorporating fur and texture into collective looks that bring out personality. The ultimate goal was intermixing what feels comfortable with what feels daring. This shoot was a learning curve for me to let go, allowing open collaboration and styling by all faces present. Our initial idea was aimed at a sensual, warm, cozy fur feel and began unfolding into the mixing and matching of fur and fabric.

From this experience, I've learned how I'd like to organize the next photoshoot in order to more clearly portray a chosen theme and mood. Everyone who came out used the space in their own way, taking their own freedoms to express unique and personal perceptions of feelings into pictures. I noticed how some took this freedom with absolute glee, enjoying the opportunity for endless possibilities, while others saw this freedom as a challenge, and hoped for more guidance and direction in order to project the best representations of themself.

I recognize the privilege of this experiential learning as well as the great honor of hosting creative collaborations, where we can continue to gain more understanding of the process and refine how we conduct the next shoot. Our goals are to continue inviting creatives to create, and work on offering a more comfortable atmosphere, as well as learning how to polish the holes of our organizational methods. This is the reward of starting something new: we get to reflect and improve as we go!

I enjoyed making participants feel captivating in a look they would typically dare not wear in front of others. Surprising someone with a picture revealing a beauty they hold is such a treat. I learned sometimes it doesn't matter if a look fits the mood board or not, the way someone holds themself can speak a wonder for itself. This is the beauty of capturing confidence. Playing with new textures, color ways, poses- it's all part of exploring and getting closer to self. Finding new angles and viewpoints unseen, without the help of another's perception, reminds us that reality is not fixed, and the way one presents their innermost self can be fluid.

For our next shoot, I plan to assign pairs of directors in charge of outfits, hair/makeup, model positioning, photography and set design with a future goal of creating a glossy publication. The Hive is my space, it's our space, for everyone present to gain experience and practice within a culture of love and support, no matter what aspect of the process you are part of.

So, with this, I invite you - and encourage you - to get playful. Try new ways of expression, maybe shock yourself with a new presentation. This past year was filled with reflection and growth both politically and in the eyes of justice. There is still work to be done in me, as is in you. What we might have accepted last year may now be unacceptable, and that is change worth celebrating. Let's choose to celebrate the things we might have never deemed as important until living out These Daze.

-Delia Cadwallader

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