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Space: The First Frontier

Updated: Nov 10

Let's talk SPACE.

Looking for it. Building it. Creating more of it.

From bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, to weddings, birthdays, and backyard parties, nothing reflects your intention, or personal style, than the design and decor of the spaces you own. And I don't mean "own" as in purchase, rented space is included here, I mean "own" as in: to claim authority within.

Spaces at The Hive will be designed for you to focus. What you are focusing on, is for you to own. For some, The Hive will be a space to foster creativity for your art, spur innovative thinking while designing a brand, or hosting an intentional conversation with a business mentor.

For others, claiming a space at The Hive will be for collaborating on a project, interviewing potential clients and customers, or pursuing personal and professional development.

For the real estate agent who is showing homes, The Hive is a hub, to stop in and freshen up, make a few calls, and work remotely in between showings. For the writer, it is a spot to develop characters, finish a manuscript, or submit articles. For the budding entrepreneur, The Hive is where you can refine a business plan, share your vision with community members, and seek out a helpful critique.

With the nature of work evolving, the places we work, and the ways we work, are evolving. The grey cubicle and crowded coffee shop may have sufficed in the past, but today's workspaces are designed to supply a fresh atmosphere, modern and interesting seating, and equipped with resources that offer opportunities and possibilities. In the culture of coworking spaces, "space" is no longer the final frontier - it's the start of something fascinating.

Whatever your "work", you will find a space at The Hive to unleash your magic and apply it. And with memberships ranging from $50 to $129, scholarships and day passes, there truly is space for everyone.

Come find your sweet spot.

Melinda Cadwallader

Founder, The Hive


405 Indiana Avenue, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

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