You’re Gonna Bee Golden!

Picture this:

You’re at The Hive, coworking and buzzing about. You come to a point where you’d like some feedback, or a fresh perspective, for what you’re working on.

Looking around the room, you spy A GOLDEN BEE sitting atop the tables of THREE other Hive members.


Invitations for collaboration! A Hive member to the rescue! 

One of the highlights of membership to The Hive is ongoing support. Placing A GOLDEN BEE atop your work station tells other members that you are available and approachable, making connections simple because it’s part of the culture.

Stay tuned as we continue offering glimpses of your future coworking space, preparing the way for The Hive to emerge in downtown CDA.

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Golden Bee sculpture / Melbourne, Australia / photographed by Alfred Molon


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