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JULY 2020

Our July newsletter is a check-in with our faithful followers to this project called The Hive, and serves as a platform for diverse femme voices within our local community who are also weathering this time with unique perspective and brilliant experiences. We can't wait for you to read about them. We are all living proof that resiliency is here for us ALL, so grab a beverage that clinks with ice, and settle in to some fine reading.


APRIL 2020

Creativity forges paths to sustainability. Our April newsletter features local creative women who are using what they have, and what they know, to stay hopeful and resilient during this challenging time. With poetry & painting, fashion sense & self discovery, if you happen to find yourself lacking fresh ideas, then have a seat, scroll down,  immerse yourself in this month's "zine", take a sip of the creative juices here and let yourself be inspired.


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